How to Overcoming Exam fear in CA Exams? Syllabus Final Exam

Exam Fear in CA Course

CA course……. sounds very tough to all of us. There are many competitive exams that are conducted by different professionals in India.

CA exam conducted by ICAI is one of them. Chartered Accountancy professionals are given great respect and are dignified in the eyes of people.

This is because the CA course is one of the toughest competitive exams in India.

The exam has three levels – foundation, intermediate and final. The duration of this course is min. 5 years.

 It becomes difficult for the student to gulp the vastness of the syllabus and an ocean full of logic and knowledge.  furthermore, as it is a professional level exam, the passing criteria also remain low with logical question paper designing and strict checking aspects.

Overcoming Exam fear in CA Course

CA aspirants usually have a tight schedule. There is always clashing between office hours graduation exams and CA coachings.

Despite all these facts, one should not let them overpower their spirit and positivity. But many students get trapped in those facts and let them blow over their minds in a negative way.

This results in a lot of pressure, stress, consciousness, fear which ultimately is of no use. Instead, it will definitely ruin their performance in exams and shake their focus from what is required.

So there are some tips that will help the CA aspirants to overcome the so-called, CA exam fear……

Before exam Fear

Study properly on time with a planned schedule every day. The more you set plans, the more you achieve the planned goals, the more your confidence is boosted.

It will make you better and more confident every day about your preparations which will help you in your exams.

You will not get stressed out and frankly, the CA course demands this type of dedication only. The school and graduation student attitude will not go so far.

Whatever you are studying, do it with full conceptual understanding. Do lower the stress talk with your friends casually not about exams so much because it may add up to your stress and underconfidence about preparations.

Practicing past paper and MTPs solutions is very important from every aspect.

A day before exam….

Do calmly revise the things you have prepared. Do not rush and take the stress of what you have not done because it’s not going to help now. Take sound sleep for 6-7 hours.

Exam day…….

Wake up early and revise the topics you want to. Go through your notes. I repeat wake up early because rushing on your exam day will make you more stressed and underconfident.

Have a good breakfast. Take the things you need [ admit card, stationary] and then reach the exam center on time.

During exam

While sitting in the examination hall, do not think too much as you can’t help it now. Just relax meditate and stay calm. Use your reading time [ if given in some exams properly]

Take out the questions you are more confident about and attempt them properly.

Time management in CA exams is very very important. You can’t miss this. CA exam question papers are quite lengthy. You have to be parallel with your watch. Some students forget this and it leads to non-completion of exam papers on time.

After exam…

Whatever happened has happened don’t get demotivated and stressed about your performance. Just forget it and start for your next exam preparation, as CA exams are not just about individual passing it’s about aggregate scores also.

At last, I would say that yeah! It’s tough but stress will not help you. Be dedicated and hardworking to achieve your dreams.

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