AVR Full Form, What is the Full form of AVR ?

Full form of AVR is Aortic Valve Replacement.

AVR Full Form

An AVR may be a sort of open operation wont to treat problems with the heart’s semilunar valve. The semilunar valve controls the flow of blood out from your heart to the remainder of your body. An AVR involves removing a damaged or faulty valve and replacing it with a replacement valve made up of tissue or synthetic materials. it’s a serious operation that’s not suitable for everybody and may take an extended time to get over.

AVR Full Form

The semilunar valve may have to get replaced for 2 reasons; one is that the valve has become narrowed (aortic stenosis) – the opening of the valve becomes smaller, obstructing the flow of blood out of the guts and therefore the second is that the valve is leaky (aortic regurgitation) – the valve allows blood to flow back through into the guts. If left untreated, the issues with semilunar valve can worsen over time and in severe cases can cause life-threatening problems like a coronary failure. There are not any medicines to treat semilunar valve problems, so replacing the valve will only be recommended if an individual is in danger of great complications but are otherwise tolerably to possess surgery.

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