How to Study Physics for the CBSE board exam 2021-22

Most of the student finds the class 12 physics as the toughest subject due to its technical formulas, numerical and derivation.  The vast syllabus of this subject makes it more difficult and scary for students to study.

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Although it also depends upon the dedication and the interest of a student. Here we have bought some pro tips and tricks to score well in your Physics exam with conceptual knowledge.

  • Never underestimate the power of NCERT! Hahaha, I have seen many of students who prefer to buy the extra books for physics but NCERT books are the best to understand this tricky subject, as it cover all the topics from the point of view of exam.
  • If you want to make the physics as your favorite subject; each and every topic of the book should be on your tips, read every chapter in- depth and try to correlate the topics with real life.
  • Make a separate notebook for your notes, make a list of all the formulas and derivation which would make it easier to revise during exam , the SI unit of each measurement should be on your fingertips.
  • REVISION part is the most important thing in every study plan. Every student should schedule its revision into 3-4 parts
  • The first revision at the end of the day, all the topic that you have studied just go through it   

How to Study Physics

once, and close your books and try to recall all the things.

  1.  The second revision should be on every Sunday, from now your funday should be replaced and named as revision day. Make yourself more familiar with your books; make mind maps, flow charts, diagram, of those topics which you have studied in a week.
  2. The third one at the end of the month, that day you don’t need to study every topic; just go through the syllabus you have completed and revise only those topic which you find really difficult to understand.
  3. Physics is a practical subject which require conceptual understanding , as the most of students find difficult in derivation as they try to cram it but the correct way to acknowledge derivation is to understand how each step leads to other in derivations, the more examples you read, the better understanding you will get.
  4. Practice the derivation at least thrice before sitting in exam hall.
  • “Practice makes a man perfect” so ensure that you have solved the sample question paper  of last 5 years. Solving previous year paper is important as it gives you an air idea of the exams and student gets an idea of speed and time require for a particular kind of question.

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  1. The first and the most basic unit o physics electrostatics which covers topic like Electric charges and Fields, Electric Potential, Capacitance etc
  • Furthermore, there are other units like current electricity which gives you the information  about flow of Electric current and Drift velocity, Mobility, resistivity etc,
  • The Next unit is one of my favorite, Magnetic Effects of current and Moving Charges, Magnetism and Matter
  • Moreover, there are topic like electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents explaining laws like Faraday law, Lenz’s law etc.
  • The unit of physics Electromagnetic waves gives the basic idea of displacement current, Electromagnetic waves and it characteristics, transverse nature and Electromagnetic Spectrum.
  • One of the most important unit optics deals with ray optics including Reflection of light spherical mirror, lens, Refraction of light, prisms etc. and the way optics including wave front and Huygens’s principle, young’s double slit experiments, Brewster’s law etc which carries 14 marks in the board exam.
  • The next unit Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter explains Photoelectric effect, Einstein’s photoelectric equation, de-Broglie relation etc.
  • Atoms and nuclei explains Rutherford’s model of atom, Bohr model, Energy level, Radioactivity alpha beta and gamma particles.
  • The last unit Electronic device explains working and functioning of semiconductor diode, LED, Photodiode, Solar cell etc, this unit is easier to understand for every student as the modern physics doesn’t consist much numerical and one can correlate it with reality.

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