Exams: Why Online Classes Are Tricky Job

Exams: Why Online Classes Are Tricky Job

Study online is the best opportunity for those who are not allowed to get a degree from traditional colleges because of the pressure from parents to them. Oppression includes: not to study in co-education, geographical location duress, family restrictions, and other bars, especially for girls. But still, some students face difficulty in attending the classes online. The article is going to highlight the drawbacks, facing today in online exams and challenging for online high school, due to the pandemic situation around us. It is difficult for both teachers and students to manage themselves for online classes and exams. It’s an open chance for a student that can take advantage of the source for cheating.


 Those students who studied at private universities can afford facilities of Wi-Fi connections, computers, software etc. Students taking online high school classes are living in backward areas, and studying at government schools cannot afford these servers and software. The main reason is that the Wi-Fi connection isn’t available in faraway villages.

NOTE: FOR online class; you need a strong internet bond, because of weak and low bandwidth connection can miss your class.

LOW BUILD-UP LEVEL: In online high school classes, students aren’t facing their tutors by face, through which there is no fear of their master, not a trepidation of completion of work at the time. During traditional classes, teachers can ask questions from students, have to answer them for building up

their confidence and raising questions. Throughout online high school classes, most students are not taking it seriously introvert students will remain introvert. Some subjects are understandable practically so that students can learn it swiftly. But, during online classes, you can have taught them through slides or screen sharing etc. That brings students to a low build-up level.

NOTE: Instructors must assign them the activities they can do it easily at home, and try to have an online question with students so that they should engage themselves in-class campaign.

ONLINE EXAMS: Online exams are the most burdensome task for the teacher to look over the students. But mostly they fail to skim so that they cannot cheat. There are problems:

  • Cheating detector: not available in most institutions
  • Not able to have a proper traditional exam, online exams are MCQs based questions most of the time.

ISOLATION: you feel alone while having an online class, you had connected yourself with the community instead of the classroom. Problems lie below

  • Lack of face to face conversation.
  • You didn’t get feedback instantly
  • Distractions from background
  • Most students learn fast in the physical class
  • That is a big hurdle in learning.


 Your whole online session class depends on your instructor, might your instructor is not able to use a server, Microsoft then it will set off arduous for an online session.

NOTE: The instructor must practice first how to have an online class and what will be a suitable time for students too.

ENVIRONMENT DISTURBANCE: Everyone has a different environment around them, have a different number of family members, no room more than one or two. Where they can have their class in a calm environment, first and foremost, the issue about LOAD SHEDDING in Pakistan, there is no time of light and also no management time of students. There is a lot of history disturbance which distract you from the class learning.


Inflexible time is being conducted during the online class by students. This online class needs a proper time as everyone has a different time table at home because of their work and family. It became very demanding for students and teachers to manage it. It can be a big task for them to handle all the things while remaining at home.

NOTE: Block your distractions, becoming hurdles in your work, identify your time waster. For this, you can download the app-blockers app, which will block your app for a definite time you provide to it. You can do your work easily.

Don’t be engage yourself in multi-task during these days.


While having a traditional class, students get an instant response and answer to their questions. But in online cases, students didn’t get abrupt feedback from their master. They have to wait for one day for the reply. IT is a very crucial system to study online.

NOTE: prepare your lecture before the class start and enlist your question so that you can ask them at the point and get a reply sporty.

AT LAST, these were the barriers to making online class a tricky job.                                               


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