AFMC Full Form, What is the Full form of AFMC?

Full form of AFMC is Armed Forces Medical College

AFMC Full Form 

The Full form of AFMC is Armed Forces Medical College. AFMC is a clinical school overseen by the Indian Armed Forces, situated in Pune in the province of Maharashtra, India. Military Medical College is a chief clinical foundation of India recognized as a focal point of greatness for instruction and exploration in the field of clinical.AFMC Full Form
The school fundamentally bestows preparing to under-graduate and post-graduate clinical and nursing understudies, dental postgraduates and paramedical staff with guaranteed profession possibilities in the barrier administrations. The appended clinics profit by the ability as Patient consideration forms a vital piece of its preparation educational plan accessible at AFMC.
On first May 1948, the foundation was set up by the proposals of the BC Roy Committee by the amalgamation of different protection clinical associations and on fourth August 1962, the “Graduate Wing” of AFMC was set up to give a feasible and consistent admission of clinical officials for the Indian Armed Forces.

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